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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Frooti in Market Contaminated with Blood of HIV Patient..."

Verdict :

Possible time of origin : August 2013

Circulation platforms : Whatsapp, Facebook,

Circulation geography : India

Original Message Version Under Analysis:
It is notified for the information of the hostilities that drinking of Frooti/any product of Frooti for the next few weeks is dangerous to health as per the below message sent by Delhi police.
Important Message from Delhi police reads as follows:
"For the next few weeks do not drink any product of Frooti, as a worker from the company has added his blood contaminated with HIV (AIDS). It was shown yesterday on NDTV. Please forwarded this message urgently to people you know".
Therefore all the hostelites are hereby requested to look into the above said message and be cautious about the health.

Analysis by Merofact Awareness Team:

First of all there was no such NDTV report on this issue during any "yesterday" yet. Second, HIV can not spread from person to person via contaminated food material. Third, Delhi police did not put any such notice regarding the HIV contaminated packaged drinking products. So, feel safe to enjoy your favorite mango flavored drink.  

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