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Monday, March 2, 2015

"Tulsi, Camphor, Elaichi Kills Swine Flu Bacteria"

Verdict :

Possible time of origin : February, 2015

Circulation platforms : Whatsapp, Facebook

Circulation geography : India
Original Message Version Under Analysis:
Chew four leaves of Tulasi (Basil) before going out. Protection against Swine flu is guaranteed.
Camphor and Elaichi (cardamom) to be mixed and powdered. Keep in hand kerchief and smell once in 2 or 3 hours. This will actually kill the Swine flu bacteria. 

Analysis by Merofact Awareness Team: 

Recently plenty of  'easy' remedies are being suggested over social media to prevent swine flu. The propensity of such swarming messages show how scared everyone is about catching swine flu. If not the swine flu itself but the misconception about it is indeed now an epidemic in India. Please see the news coverage from various parts of India by The Hindu, Times of India, and even BBC. All these news reports tried to create awareness against the use of such useless measures to prevent swine flu. To get a hint about what science suggests about tackling with spreading swine flu, please see our earlier blog post titled "Prevent Swine Flu by Gargling and Taking Vitamin". In that post we have talked about available vaccine against swine flu and the recommended medicines. 
The fatal flaw in the messages in question above is, swine flu is not caused by bacteria but rather caused by virus. To know the basic difference between bacteria and virus, click on this line. Anyway we couldn't find any scientific report on the efficacy of either Tulasi (Basil) or Kappur (Camphor) or Elaichi (Cardamom) against swine flu. So we can safely say there is no scientific consensus to support the use of basil, camphor and/or cardamom to kill or even avoid swine flu
While all the home remedies are pouring over the social media, homeopathy too is not far behind to claim a cure of Flu. Dr. Reckeweg India is now selling a cure of Flu named "R6". As we write this, many people are taking "Dr. Reckeweg R6" drops as a preventive medicine to prevent or even cure swine flu, while even Dr. Reckeweg India didn't suggest (at least in writing) that  to use against swine flu.

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