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Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Albert Einstein Used to Believe in Astrology"

Verdict :

Possible time of origin : 1960

Circulation platforms : Internet, Books, Word of mouth

Circulation geography : Global

Original Message Version Under Analysis:
Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it. Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and the planets in relation to the terrestrial. In turn, astrology reinforces this power to some extent. This is why astrology is like a life-giving elixir to mankind.

Analysis by Merofact Awareness Team:

Transcript of the Letter in the image above:

January 7, 1943

Mr. Eugene Simon
c.o. Rabbi Herman Simon
184 East Willmore Ave.
St.Paul, Minn.

Dear Sir:
I fully agree with you concerning the pseudo-science of astrology. The interesting point is that this kind of superstition is so tenacious that it could persist through so many centuries.
Very truly yours,
(Signed, 'A. Einstein')
Professor Albert Einstein.
In 1943 Einstein wrote a brief letter to Eugene Simon, care of Rabbi Herman Simon, in which the he clarifies his position on the subject of astrology. Many astrologers' claim that Einstein was a firm supporter of the subject. That belief partly (if not entirely) stemmed from the (mis)quote presented in the "message under analysis" section of this post. 
For further details on the subject readers are suggested to consult a treatise published by Hamel Denis in November, 2007 in "The End of the Einstein-Astrology-Supporter Hoax", Skeptical Inquirer 31 (6): 39–43. He claims to have tracked the (mis)quote down to Carl Heinrich Huter, a German author. This (mis)quote had indeed appeared on page four of the 1960 edition (released at the end of 1959) of Huters Astrologischer Kalender, but not in previous editions.
Later that (mis)quote also showed up in an epigraph to Manuel d'astrologie published in Quebec, Canada, in 1965 by a Swiss-born Canadian astrologer Werner Hirsig. Actually Hirsig had written a book in 1950 titled Astrologie moderne (Modern Astrology), and above mentioned Manuel d'astrologie of 1965 was just a reprint of this book. Differences between the two books are minor, as both books have the same table of contents and pagination, only the prefaces are different. In the 1965 version, a foreword is added where the (mis)quote attributed to Einstein is introduced for the first time in Hirsig's book. 


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